Friday, July 25, 2014

Summertime Specials

With vacation memories still fresh in your mind, now is the time to start your vacation projects and Heritage Makers has some great specials perfect for your vacation memories. 

JULY: Digital Scrapbook Pages and Post-Bound Albums
AUGUST: 12 x 12 Storybooks (includes 12 x 12 Lay-flat)

If you need a little help getting a project started, I have my next Digi-Crop scheduled for Saturday, August 16 from 10 am until 6 pm, come and go.  

Save the dates below for our next Digi-Crop get togethers: 
August 16, 2014
September 27, 2014
October 18, 2014
November 15, 2014
December 6, 2014
Please let me know if I can help you with a project or if you need location information for the Digi-Crop. 

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Patriotic Templates

by Brooke Mehr, Studio Product Assistant

The patriotic holidays are recent memories and now is the time to create and order your personal tribute projects! Here are a few of our favorite templates that you could easily customize for yourself or as a gift.
The "My American Hero" collection from Studio Creative Team Lead, Roxanne Buchholz, is a wonderful tribute set for the hero in your family. For a Canadian Hero variation, simply swap out papers and embellishments to create a more Canadian color scheme and change the text to say "Canadian Hero." With Studio, it's as easy as that!

"My American Hero" 20 x 16 Wrapped Canvas, template 89652; Love Mug,template 109043; and 5 x 7 Invitation, template 89653.

For a more vintage option, Roxanne has also created the new "Patriotic Hero" set. There is an American version and a Canadian version, and each set has a 20 x 16 Wrapped Canvas and a coordinating 12 x 12 Scrap Page template.

"Patriotic American Hero", template 123180 and "Patriotic Canadian Hero", template 123178, both 20 x 16 wrapped Canvases. Coordinating 12 x 12 Scrap Page templates are available in the Template Gallery.
To help you show your patriotic spirit at home, here are a few colorful word art templates that we know you will love!
The "Patriotic Subway" set by Brooke Mehr is a very quickly customizable and completely Basic option that would make a wonderful addition to your home decor for the upcoming patriotic holidays. Simply replace the name at the bottom with your family name and then publish!
If you would like, you can also change the colors to suit your home decor or personal style. There are also similar Basic templates available for other holidays or events. Check out the coordinating templates in the Template Gallery!

"Patriotic Subway - USA", template 122975 and "Patriotic Subway - Canada", template 123118, both 11 x 14 Prints.
Whether your personal style is traditional or a bit more contemporary, these two templates both make great home decor options.

"Pledge of Allegiance" by Studio Creative Team member, Cassie Balser, template 123163 and "Liberty and Justice for All" by Brooke Mehr, Basic template 123451, both 11 x 14 Prints.

These two coordinating patriotic invitations are very popular designs. "Fireworks and Freedom Party" by Roxanne Buchholz is template 89649 and "Canada Day Invitation" by Lynda Angelastro is template 89657.

If you need a simple and fun scrap page template to commemorate a patriotic celebration that has already come and gone, Studio Creative Team member, Cassie Balser, has created coordinating 12 x 12 Scrap Page templates for Independence Day and Canada Day.

"Independence Day", template 123165 and "Oh Canada", template 123164.

Were none of these templates quite your style? Remember that you can change a template as much as you would like or start from scratch and create something completely unique. With your Heritage Makers Studio editor, the possibilities are endless!

Please let me know if I can help you start a project with these new templates. 

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Your Style, Your Way

by Roxanne Buchholz, Studio Creative Team Manager

One of the easiest ways to get started with designing a scrap page is to use a design map or a “sketch.” Design maps take the guesswork out of where to begin, by giving you the suggested placement of photos, embellishments, and papers, as seen through the eyes of a designer. They give you an idea of where to begin, but where you take the design is completely up to your imagination.
Each month, our Studio Creative Team is tasked with creating their own design from the supplied monthly design map. This month we shared “Sporty Design Map” 12 x 12 scrap page by Roxanne Buchholz, template 123459, and asked them to add their style to a sport of their choice. As you can see below, lots of interesting and diverse designs emerged.
“Sporty Design Map,” template 123459 and “Basketball by Sara,” template 123463

“Baseball by Brooke,” template 122974 and “Gymnastics by Kari,” template 123145

“Track and Field by Michelle,” template 123142 and “Football by Cassie,”template 123253

“Golf by Roxanne,” template 123460 and “Soccer by Leanne,” template 123151

Do you have a child or spouse that plays sports? If you do, this design map is a great way to help you get started. Even if you don’t have a sports fan in the family, design maps are made to fit with any hobby, special occasion, or everyday moment. Remember to capture all of your favorite memories with easy to customize products from Heritage Makers. We have all the templates and art collections to make your creative dreams come true!

Please let me know if I can help you start a project with these new templates. 

Rebecca Brooks
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Building Self-Esteem Through Sports

by Roxanne Buchholz, Studio Creative Team Manager

Many parents enroll their children in sports to build their child’s self-esteem – but to help your child get the most out of their sport, you need to be actively involved both on and off the field.

Did you know that when we take the time to elevate a memory, documenting it on a scrap page or in a storybook, to write down the words of that experience, we validate their importance as we cherish the memory over and over? The interactions kids have with teammates, coaches, officials, and parents shape how kids feel about themselves, so why not take the time to reinforce those special sports memories and important life lessons in one of the hundreds of sports-themed templates available through Heritage Makers.

Below are two of the newly-released sports collections from Roxanne Buchholz, our Studio Creative Team Manager. Roxanne has created complete collections for over 20 different sports, so be sure to look for your favorite sport in the Template Gallery or refer to our handy Sports Template Sampler chart:

The “Baseball Game Day” template collection features grunge-style projects for your player and his teammates, as well as wonderful thank you gifts for the coach.

“Baseball Game Day” 4 x 6 Invitation, template 123116; Love Mug, template 123110; 11 x 14 Print, template 123111; 12 x 12 Wrapped Canvas, template 123112; and 8 x 8 Storybook, template 122381

Please note that the baseball templates seen above can easily be customized to fit a different sport, using the very versatile “Go Team” digital art collections from which this multi-sport “Game Day” 3 x 9 Notepad Set, template 122297, was inspired.

If your daughter loves gymnastics, tumbling, or dance class, then this “Perfect 10 Gymnastics” template collection is just for you. Motivational in nature, the projects pair inspirational word art with famous gymnast quotes to give your daughter that extra burst of self-confidence that she can carry with her in her sport as well as in life. A few of our best-loved products from the collection are shown here.

“Perfect 10 Gymnastics” 8 x 8 Wrapped Canvas, template 123392; 16 x 20 Wrapped Canvas, template 123388; 8 x 8 Storybook, template 123395; 15.5 x 11 Bracket Metal Print, template 123387; Love Mug, template 123394; and Brag Bag, template 123390

As with most aspects of parenting, being actively involved and talking with your children about their life is very important. Being proud of accomplishments, sharing in wins and defeats, and talking to them about what has happened, helps them develop skills for a successful and happy life.

Get started today by building your child’s self-esteem with one of our 8 x 8 sports storybooks, which are the featured Product of the Month, saving you an additional 10% off at check-out. This precious time invested in your child’s development is something that you won’t want to miss!

Please let me know if I can help you start a project with these new templates. 

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New Summer Art Collections

Summer is upon us and new art collections offer just the right amount of sunshine and  fun to suit any warm-weather activity. These collections will give you the inspiration and the help that you need to get some incredible projects done this summer!

"Beach Baby Basics" by HGD by Laurie Ann is a fun, summery collection that has just the right mix of contemporary and traditional elements. "Beachy Keen Papers" by Cynthia Coulon is a wonderful set of bright patterned and textured papers that coordinates well with the "Beach Baby Basics" collection.

"Project Mouse (Fantasy): Elements" and "Project Mouse (Fantasy): Cards" are two coordinating collections by Brittish Designs and Sahlin Studio. Whether you are documenting a previous trip to a Disney park, planning one for the future, or even using photos from a children's carnival, these elements will bring just the right amount of magic to your projects.


"Summertime Madness" by Anna G. Bates Design is a phenomenal summer collection. With several colorful watercolor and patterned papers, contemporary word art pieces, and sweet embellishments, this collection is sure to delight on barbecue invitations, family reunion books, and just about any other summer project you can come up with!
"Travel Bug", also by Anna G. Bates Design, is a lovely Basic collection that contains fun papers and embellishments for highlighting your travels around the globe.


"Cute Circus" by Cynthia Coulon is a sweet Basic collection that features fun patterned papers, colorful labels and banners, and adorable circus animal embellishments.

"Let's Rodeo", a Basic collection by Roxanne Buchholz of Lucky Girl Creative, is perfect for the cowboy in your life. This collection coordinates wonderfully with Roxanne's Premier "American Wild West" collection, which is already available in your Heritage Makers Studio.

Please let me know if I can help you start a project with these new art collections. 

Rebecca Brooks
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