Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Publishing Discount

Save 10% when you publish any 12x12 storybook or any flip or swatch book during August!

Be sure to preserve all your family’s summer activities and events so they’ll be remembered and cherished for years to come!

Go to my web site at or contact me via email at

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is why I love photos.

Watch this thought provoking video.

This is why I love photos!  This is why I believe photos are important. But listen to the lyrics at 3:00. I can show you how to quickly and easily pair you photos with your stories so that people don't have to “read between the lines.”

"Our Storybooks have the power to bring back the past, preserve the present and shape the future." - Heidi Arave

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CLIENT Referral 50% Coupon Christmas in July Special Extended until August 18th!!

You can SHARE Club with your friends and get a 50% off coupon for each one you refer who signs up!! You can really get ALOT for Christmas if you took advantage of this special!! When a client refers a friend who signs up for Club HM, they receive a 50% off coupon for any project they want to publish! Workshop hosts can receive the coupon if at least one attendee becomes a Club member. (Note: hosts receive 1 coupon per workshop held). LOVE IT!!!

Inspirations Online Classes:

Vacations & Family Fun
Aug 11, 2011 7:00 PM MDT

Register here

Reunion Releases: Products and Art
Aug 25, 2011 7:00 PM MDT

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Upcoming Themes & Specials:
Save 10% when you publish

August: Summer Vacation
12x12 Storybooks (63 points instead of 70) & Flip/Swatch Books (18 points instead of 20)

September: Cookbooks
6x9 & 8.5x11 Wire-bound Books (22.5 points instead of 25)

October: Calendar Craze
11x16 (31.5 points instead of 35) & 8.5x11 Calendars (27 points instead of 30)

November: 20% off Invitations & Greeting Cards
4x6 Invitation (1.2 points instead of 1.5), 4x6 Greeting Card & 5x7 Invitation (1.6 points instead of 2), 5x7 Greeting Card (2 points instead of 2.5), and Family Fold Tri-Fold 5x5 Greeting Card (2.8 points instead of 3.5)
Notice: Website maintenance 10:00 pm MDT Aug 20 to 2:00 am MST Aug 21 MDT

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant


Creating storybooks and other heritage-enriching projects celebrates your bond with family, friends, and loved ones. But Heritage Makers can also strengthen your pocketbook. As a Personal Publishing Consultant, you help others learn how to preserve their own memories while earning generous commissions. In addition, you will:

· Be part of a company with a powerful mission of preserving family legacies

· Share the joy that comes from helping people create quality projects they will treasure forever.

· See personal growth as you lead and inspire others

· Meet new friends who share your passion

· Qualify for exciting incentives including luxury travel

· Save an additional 10% when you publish!

Compensation Plan

In a nutshell, Consultants organize in-home “workshops” or one-on-one demonstrations where they can show the many creative ways Heritage Makers can help people showcase their photos. Projects are created with Studio, a powerful online program, and published through the purchase of “points” which are available at a cost of one dollar per point. Frequent publishers get the best value by joining “Club HM” which provides monthly wholesale discounts and free access to Premier, an amazing collection of premium templates and digital art.

Successful new Consultants build an active community of Club HM members. They receive a monthly 10-30% commission on the sales volume of all the people they personally sponsor. They can also earn up to $3,000 a month by qualifying for the team-building bonus which rewards consultants for developing a strong customer base and “downline” leaders.

These are just some of the ways to earn money in the Heritage Makers Compensation Plan. As consultants continue building their business they qualify for higher rewards and incentives. But it all starts with becoming a Club HM member and encouraging others to do the same. It only costs $50 to sign up as a consultant, and for another $100 you can get a full array of sales aids and supplies plus your first month of Club HM free!

Heritage Makers… Much More Than Just a Job

Consultants from across the U.S. and Canada are excited about Heritage Makers because the Compensation Plan allows them to transform their passion into a career. They also enjoy the flexibility of the plan—the freedom to work from home and the freedom to set one’s own schedule. And there’s no mistaking the satisfaction that comes from owning your own business and participating in a supportive social network. Most Consultants count their Heritage Makers associates among their closest friends—they love to get together at company events.

Whether you merely want to supplement the family budget or you want to develop a full-time career, the Heritage Makers business opportunity could be the first job you truly love!

Please contact me about becoming a consultant.

To see the Consultant Kit, click

Learn more in this brief video - click here.

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant


Workshops are a wonderful way to share the creative fun of Heritage Makers!. They are a great opportunity to introduce friends and family to the many advantages of Heritage Makers products and services, and they can be an exciting way for you to earn free products and publishing points. If you’ve been a part of heritage making, then you already know about the meaningful and unique products we offer our clients. Why not get some of those products in your home for free or at great discounts? If you’ll provide a place to meet and the names of a few friends, family or coworkers, I’ll take care of everything else.

If you’re afraid you won’t have enough space or enough people for a workshop, let’s just go small and make it fun and intimate. Short on time? I can adjust the workshop to make it a little quicker to fit your busy schedule. Not sure your guests will have fun? I’ve got games to play, stories to share, and enough enthusiasm to make sure that everyone will smile. The value and originality of Heritage Makers products mean that each of your guests will find something appealing.

Here’s what you can earn as a host with qualifying guest sales:

· FREE product—publishing points to use toward any project!

· Host specials—get deep savings (up to 60% off) on special offers and exclusive items!

· Ongoing savings—enjoy an additional 10% discount on all your publishing for 90 days after your workshop!
The rewards of hosting are really great, and I'll make it easy! Email me today at and let's find the perfect time for you to host a workshop and share the Heritage Makers experience!

About Club HM

So, you’ve seen all the excitement and thought about joining Club HM, right? WHAT? You haven’t? Well, let’s take a look at what you are missing out on!

Club HM was introduced to provide our clients with a simple and economical way to get the best of what Heritage Makers has to offer. 

· Save 25-34% off publishing points

· Enjoy FREE Premier access ($20/month value)

· Unlimited photo storage

· Access to more than 40,000 pieces of digital art

· Access to more than 5,000 predesigned templates

· Convenient monthly points plan

· Participation in the Club HM community, including classes, contests, idea sharing and more!

There are three levels of Club HM membership that allow you to choose the one that is right for your budget and your lifestyle.

When you become a member of Club HM, you also become a member of our vibrant online community. We have our own Club HM Facebook page that features creative and inspiring ideas from other members, regular challenges and contests, helpful hints and suggestions, the “Fresh Pick of the Day” template, and new friends who share your interests. Joining Club HM is fast and easy. Call me and let’s talk about which level of membership best fits your needs. You can sign up today and be publishing by tonight! Join in on the fun and become a member of Club HM today!
Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

Getting Started

Maybe you attended a workshop, or met a Heritage Makers consultant. Perhaps you were online and you saw all the wonderful products and artwork that are available to you through Heritage Makers, and now you’re ready to start your own adventure in heritage making. Before diving in, here are a few helpful tips to get you going in the right direction.

When you first sign in to the Heritage Makers web site, you should see a picture of your consultant and her name in the lower left corner of the screen. You may also be prompted to enter your consultant’s name so that she can be made aware of your activity and can be available to help you. If you don’t remember her name, you’ll be able to search for it at the login page. If you don’t have a consultant, don’t worry. You’ll be able to continue anyway.
An important first step is to read the “Terms and Conditions” of your account with Heritage Makers. This document protects your rights and explains our responsibilities. While you may be tempted to click “I agree” and head straight for your first project, please read this information before you proceed.

After you accept the “Terms and Conditions” for your account, the first place you may want to look is the “My Studio Menu” page. Log into the Heritage Makers home page using your account number and password. Beneath the “My Studio Menu” is a link for the Studio tutorials page. This page provides a number of instructional videos for our clients. Here you can select from a variety of options including setting up your account, learning more about our powerful design tool Studio, starting a project with a template, uploading photos, and starting different types of projects.

After touring the tutorials, you’ll want to start on a new project. Select what you are interested in from the “Start New Project” tab, and choose either a blank project, or one of the predesigned templates from our collection.

If you have questions while you’re working, contact our excellent Service Solutions center at 1-866-694-3767, or through the online chat option located on the home page. We are excited to have you as a part of the Heritage Makers family, and we look forward to seeing all the many meaningful and creative projects you will create.
Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

Tips and Tricks

Making the Perfect Circle
If making a photo into a perfect circle has always seemed a bit mysterious, follow our easy steps for creating a circle that’s not only perfect, it’s resizable!

1. To make a photo into a perfect circle, start with a perfect square. Easiest way? Pull up a paper from the paper bucket, lock it and then swap your photo in.

2. Turn your photo into a circle by going to the EFFECTS tab of the TOOLBOX and sliding the bar next to the ROUND CORNERS box all the way to the right. This works but only for this size!

3. If you’d like your circle to be resizable, or your circle ever looks slightly flat on one side, enter 1000 in the ROUND CORNERS numeric entry box and your circle will round perfectly.

4. With 1000 entered in the ROUND CORNERS numeric entry box, your circle will stay round as you increase or decrease the size.

5. Squares become circles. If you need an oval, start with a rectangular photo and use the 1000 technique. With 1000 entered you can also resize your oval over and over and it will stay the same shape.

6. The 1000 trick works with papers as well as photos.

You’ll love how easy it is to design with circles now you know the 1000 trick.

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

Your A+ Answer

August is here and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. What will you be doing as they learn about reading, writing, arithmetic and...computers (of course)? Here are some A+ answers:

Host a workshop

The perfect way to preserve your summer memories is in a Heritage Makers project. The perfect way to publish it is for FREE. Hosting is a breeze, just invite your guests and let your consultant do the rest. Your guests will love attending because not only will they find a solution to their “photo problem,” they’ll also find a hot new hobby! And you’ll love receiving gifts, publishing and more. Average hosts receive $75-$135 in FREE publishing. Click here to learn more about the host rewards.

Become a consultant
Have you ever considered enriching your life by becoming a Heritage Makers consultant? Consultants have a lot of fun as they share our incredible products and they well rewarded.

As a Club HM member you receive a 25-35% discount on publishing points. Did you know that consultants receive an additional 10% off when they publish? It’s like having a publishing special on everything all year long!

Enjoy 10-30% in commissions as you share your projects with others.
Have fun participating in monthly training calls, local events, national conventions and even exotic travel vacations.

Becoming a consultant is simple and inexpensive It’s just $50 to sign up. Click here to learn more about this exciting business opportunity. Contact me today to find out more.

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

New Art

Watch for new art later this month as a bumper set of collections is released in conjunction with the Heritage Makers consultant conference “Reunion.” Art goes live the 19th of August and contains collections for both August and September. This two-month offering stays at the top of the art collections through the 1st of October. Don’t miss it. It’ll be huge! For a handy reference this month, take a look at these hot-topic art suggestions. Broken down by category, these are our best picks for subjects we know you’re often working on.

Life Stories
Many Heritage Makers start their Studio experience by documenting the lives of a loved one. If you’re working on a family history, making a tribute to Mom or telling Grandpa’s story; check out these collections. "My Life and Story: An Autobiography Kit" by Jady Day Studio from ScrapMatters is a wonderful way to tell any family or female story. "Retrospect" from Design by Dani of Sweet Shoppe Designs has word art that marks the decades, camera elements to highlight photos and papers in neutral colors made just for the men in your life. "Family Ties" by Kristin Cronin-Barrow of Sweet Shoppe Designs features a page-size family tree embellishment, all kinds of family-related word art you and papers to pull it all together.

For those with new family members in your midst, Studio is packed with perfect collections. "Basic Hush Little Baby" by Bellisae of Digital-Crea is full of the softest papers and elements for the tiniest boys and girls. "Sweet Little Girl" by Dydge of Digital-Crea is pink, pretty and perfect for newborn to toddler girls, while "Mister Blue" by Ange of Little Dreamer Designs works beautifully for bundles of joy wrapped in blue. Two other baby favorites, not shown here include "Sweet Safari" by LilyAnne Rae Taylor of Imaginary Crackers and "Baby Basics" by Jill Means of Legacy Design. Check them all out.

If there’s a wedding on the horizon; check out "Platinum Dreams" by Krystal Hartley of Sweet Shoppe Designs, "Blessed" by Sahlin Studio and "Love Story" by Jill Means of Legacy Design. Each is packed with papers, word art and embellishments easily customized for invitations before or albums after the wedding.

Throwing a birthday party? You’ll want invitations and thank you cards. Use our "Here 4 the Party" collection by Kristin Cronin-Barrow of Sweet Shoppe Designs, "Cake & Ice Cream" by Amanda Dykan or “Celebration" by Jill Means of Legacy Design. Each has its own take on how to celebrate.

Girl with Attitude Collections
If you have a much-adored monkey living at your house, a girl who loves anything ladybug or a rock and roll wannabe, we’ve got collections to fit her personality. Check out "Monkeying Around Add-On" by Traci Reed of Sweet Shoppe Designs, "July Sampler: Ladybug, Ladybug" by Jen Yurko of Inspiration Lane or "The Heart of Rock & Roll" by Julie Billingsley also of Sweet Shoppe Designs. She’ll love your just-for-her creations.

Busy Boy Collections
If it’s a young man you’re designing for, make a note of these boy-friendly offerings. If he’s a need-for-speed or brmm, brmm kind of boy, check into "Motor Mania" by Britt-ish Designs. Raptors what he’s raving about? He’ll probably dig "Dinosaur Safari" by Misty Cato of Sweet Shoppe Designs. And if Lego® is what he loves these days, make him something special from our "Build a Dream" collection, also fromTraci Reed of Sweet Shoppe Designs.

SportsSon or daughter make the team or like to kick a ball around? Get your creative game on with these recommendations pulled from our many sports offerings. "Boys of Summer" by Britt-ish Designs, "Out with Dad" by Cala Lily Design and "Got Spirit" by Heather Roselli of Sweet Shoppe Designs all offer loads of sports design possibilities. Check out the “Got Spirit Add-On” too. We asked for faces with more diversity to complement the “Got Spirit” cheerleading collection and designer Heather Roselli went all out to meet our request.

Sending a small one off to kindergarten or storybooking those high school years? We’ve got collections for her beginning ABCs, his first bus ride and their high school friends and activities. Collections to use for these subjects include “Alphabet Soup” by Wimpychompers, “Kindergarten Kid” by GG Digital Designs and “High School Never Ends” by Britt-ish Designs and the Golden Girls.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, off to the shore or going to visit a famous mouse; you’ll find a wealth of art in Studio to help you keep the memories alive. “Beach Kids Cool Down" by lliella Designs of Sweet Shoppe Designs with its sunglasses and ice creams will capture the cool kid factor, while "Relax on the Beach" by Starlight Designs from Digital-Crea will help record starfish, seagulls, sun and surf sort of holidays. And if you’re documenting memories of Mickey Mouse or Magic Mountain, you’ll find "Leave the World Behind" by Britt-ish Designs the perfect collection to use.

International Travel
If your travels take you farther afield, Studio is packed with collections for international travel. "Around the World" by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio is a great one to start with, as is "Globe Trotting" by Mandabean and Heather Roselli of Sweet Shoppe Designs. "Taste of Great Britain" also by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio is part of a series of “Taste of” collections that includes countries all over the world.

Great Outdoors
Whether gardening, fishing, hunting, camping or photography is your passion; we’ve got lots of collections to show off your outdoor pastime. Try "Elements of Nature" by Jill Means of Legacy Design for a modern take on nature’s four seasons; "Cedar Creek" by Raspberry Road if you’re looking for hunting, fishing or camping collections; and "Very Berry" by Elj Dorado from Digital-Crea if you’re creating pages or projects about your summer gardening.

So Much in Studio
Did you know that by mid-August, there will be over 900 art collections in Studio? Many of these collections can be purchased elsewhere for $5-$10, a few are available for a little less and some are custom made for Heritage Makers and cannot be bought anywhere at any price. Conservative estimates place the cost to buy the entire Studio Art Collection in the many thousands of dollars. What does that mean for you? Well, if you’re a Club HM member, you’re banking points to pay for product every month, but the art is FREE for your use. You don’t need an extra high-capacity hard drive to store your art on and you don’t need an expensive and sophisticated application to tag and organize it. Here at Heritage Makers, we think it might also mean you’re a pretty smart cookie!

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

Club HM Kudos

Thousands of people hang out on the Club HM page every week. Why? Well, it’s THE place to show off your latest Heritage Maker project, to ask for help or feedback, to pick up a tip or two or to join one of our challenges. Challenges usually last just a day or two, offer points prizes for one or more winners and inspire lots of comments and camaraderie from other Club members.

Since our last newsletter, challenges have included a “Recipe Card Challenge,” “One Color + Black Challenge,” “Funny Face Challenge,” “Food Glorious Food Challenge,” “Holiday Letter Challenge,” “Elements of Winter/Merry & Bright Challenge,” “Child's Photo Challenge,” “Busy As A Bee Challenge,” “Love You To Bits Challenge,” “Better Be Basic Challenge,” “Written Word Challenge,” “Card Conversion Challenge,” a “Patriotic Pride Picture Challenge” and more. To see past and present challenges, find them on the page under the DISCUSSIONS link. Here are a few of our favorites.

The“Love You To Bits” ChallengeOur “Love You to Bits Challenge” asked Club HM Facebook members to take a new Studio art addition and use only that collection to make a page or project. Winning entries were (in order shown) Tara Jones, “Love You To Bits” 8 x 8 Scrap Page, template 64482; Lisa Delange and Karrie Watson-Fowler. The contest also inspired submissions to the Template Gallery from others who loved the new art collection.

Shown here are “My Silly Little Girl” by Michelle Bedard, 12 x 12 Scrap Page, template 64524;“Love You to Bits” by FloyceMord, 12 x 12 Scrap Page, template 64414; and “8 x 8 Love You to Bits” by Jane Piercy, 8 x 8 Scrap Page, template 64770.

The “Sports Spectacular” ChallengeThis challenge was in conjunction with the July 28, 2011 Inspirations class. The winning entry was an 11.5 x 8.5 book by Jenny Smith. To see the Sports Spectacular Inspirations class click here.

The “Recipe Card” Challenge
Club HM Facebook members loved, loved, loved our “Recipe Card” challenge where recipe cards had to be designed using a 6 x 4 Invitation. Winners picked by the page were, in the order shown, Keri Lainhart; Ann Perry, now template 64857; and Tara Jones; with a special shout out to one of our youngest challenge participants, 7-year-old Emma Perry.

How to Join Us
“Liking” the Club HM Facebook page allows you to be a part of our page, vote in the challenges, post to the wall and join in the FUN! If you’d like friends to vote on your entry to a challenge, they’ll need to “like” the Club HM Facebook page too for us to see their “like” votes.
Club HM Facebook page
Showing off projects and pages helps us get to know each other. We’d like to get to know you too. Come over to the Club HM Facebook page and join us. Here’s how:

Log into Studio, scroll down to the bottom of the page on the right-hand side. You’ll find a “like” Club HM Facebook page button. Press it and you’ll be a Club HM Facebook member. Or go to, on the left-hand side of the page, straight down from the Club HM logo, find and click the text link “like.”

While Club HM is ALWAYS by far the best value in Heritage Makers Premier and product purchases, you do not have to have a Heritage Makers Club HM Studio membership to like the Club HM Facebook page. If you’re one of our Basic or Premier members, you’ll find loads of Heritage Making inspiration on the page too. You’re all using the same Studio, just paying for products and services in different ways.

Join us. Perhaps you’ll be winning Club Kudos for your own challenge entries!

Vacations and Sports

Do you think of vacations or team sports as “extras” that you work hard to provide for your family or “essentials” that are simply a way of life? Either way it makes sense to preserve memories of such times so you have reminders that live on forever. Here area few vacation and sport-related suggestions.

Vacation Riches
Most of you see vacations as a valuable investment in family. Yes, they take time away from work. Yes, they’re something you save for months to do. But the experiences shared are priceless parts of growing together as a family. So why let the memories disappear? Document your vacation. With our template selection and your Club HM membership, it’s easy. Studio gives you a wealth of memory-keeping options: here are some of our favorites.

Popular Destinations
If you just got back from Disneyland or Yellowstone Park, you’re in luck. Many storybook designs are available in the Template Gallery for these two popular vacation destinations. We recommend “Magical Memories Vacation Book” by Kari Pieratt, an 11.5 x 8.5 storybook, template 64095 for your Disney vacation or the “Yellowstone Travel Book” by Michelle Bedard, a 12 x 12 storybook, template 64611.

All Purpose Vacation Books
Whether the vacation you want to record involves sand, surf or cityscapes, these two 8 x 8 storybook templates work for just about any topic and are easy to customize. “Vacation Album” by Pam MacPhee, template 55353, is a cleanly styled book with light touches of embellishment that would work for any vacation. “Ella's Birthday Trip“ by Michelle Bedard, template ID: 64606, features a Seattle family vacation but again is so versatile it could be used for any kind of family trip or holiday.

Vacation Activity Book
This unusual “Travel Journal” made by Brenda Kruse from an 8.5 x 11 booklet is a project you make BEFORE the vacation. Template 64396, it helps the kids find and record noteworthy things during the trip. A wonderful way to focus them on their experiences, the journal ends up being a handwritten souvenir of what impressed them along the way. Make one for each youngster in the family before your next trip.


Vacation Pages
Put the term “vacation” in the Template Gallery search engine and you’ll find hundreds of templates. While many are storybooks, there is a rich offering of 12 x 12 pages to document smaller slices of trips and travel. Shown here are “Beach Pages” by Wendy Bailey, template 40326; “First Trip to Washington DC” by JesiOstrowsky, template 52033; “Ski Trip 4-Pages” by Ann Perry, template 57459 and “Our Travels - Page 1” by Darcie Toom, template 41998. If your vacation deserves a home of its own, many travel post-bound albums are also available. Enter “travel or “vacation” in the search engine with 12 x 12 post-bound albums selected and you’ll find an entire page of family travel albums to select from.

Inspired to make your once-in-a-lifetime vacation or annual family retreat live on forever? We hope so. You’ll be so glad you did. Get started today.

Finally find her shin pads? Your turn for team treats? Being a soccer mom or parent of a team player for any sport is lots of work for everyone, not just the child. But the lessons learned, the discipline and the camaraderie are valuable experiences that build strong children. Be sure to document these hard-earned life lessons. Here are some ideas to help showcase your favorite sports hero and his or her teammates.

12 x 12 Pages for the Scrapbook
If you already keep a scrapbook for your child, be sure to include some sports pages. “Sports Day” by Michelle Bedard, template 64530, was designed for more casual sports participation at an annual school sports event. The “Girls Basketball Spread” by Kimberly Keber, template 56117, celebrates a team championship and is a must for the winner’s scrapbook.

12 x 12 Pages for Display
Some 12 x 12 pages were made to include memorabilia. “HM Swim Team Ribbons” by Roxanne Buchholz, template 63474, could easily be adapted for any sport. It has two pages designed for wall display or scrapbook. Sports ribbons attach to special spaces on the page. Also by Roxanne “HM Soccer - Scrap Page,” template 20875, is a natural for the scrapbook or for framing. Similar pages are available for football, swimming, basketball, softball, volleyball and hockey.

Sports Books
To really commemorate your child’s sports year, make him or her a storybook. Books are available for karate, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, bowling, horseback riding, swimming, cheerleading and football. Each sport has offerings similar to the “HM Karate,” template 50003 or the “HM Cheerleading – Coach,” template 54861, shown here. They’re both 8 x 8 storybooks designed by Roxanne Buchholz.

Coordinated Collections
If you’re looking for gifts for team members or want to make a big splash in your child’s room, most of the items shown earlier have matching pieces. Enter your preferred sport in the Template Gallery’s search engine and find out what’s available. Shown here is an 11 x 14 poster “HM Hockey 11 X 14,” template 51778, and an example of our lanyard template (not shown in proportion to the poster) “HM Tennis Lanyard,” template 44075. The lanyard is made from a 5 x 7 Invitation and fits into a 3.5 x 5.5 vertical badge holder available online at many sporting goods stores on online at Both were designed by Roxanne Buchholz.

Whether it’s sports or vacations, if it’s worth your family’s time, it’s almost certainly worth revisiting later. Extend the impact and value of these activities by making the memories live on through Heritage Makers products.

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant