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Versatile Post-bound Albums and Scrap Pages

Post-bound albums and scrap pages are two of Heritage Makers most versatile products. Albums can record activities and accomplishments over time or become personalized storage for school or art projects. Pages can be used to fill post-bound albums or made into the countless art and craft projects in Heritage Makers Template Gallery. And if you’re interested in giving these products a try in March, they’ll be 10% off your already low Club HM prices.

Post-bound Albums
If your child is a sports enthusiast, you could wait until the season is over and to make a hard-bound book or you could celebrate growth and success week by week with a post-bound album and regularly printed pages. Baby milestones, missionary updates, scouting accomplishments, school activities and family vacations can also be kept current using pages until enough time has elapsed to fill a storybook.

Celebrate your child’s scouting accomplishments with any of several scouting albums in our Template Gallery. Shown here are “Girl Scouts” by Susan Torres, template 56533. Also check out “HM Scout Album,” template 44638 by Roxanne Buchholz. Sports albums are a wonderful way to keep up on your child’s events and progress. Here we show Roxanne Buchholz’ “HM Swim Post-Bound Album,” template 63464. But there are album templates for several other sports and hobbies. Record multiple vacations while the memories are still fresh by adding pages to “Our Travels” by Darcie Toom, template 41995.

Journal your missionary’s travels while storing his or her letters or emails by tucking them safely inside the page protectors of Hillary Dolder’s “My Missionary” album, template 53345. Choose from many baby albums to make sure those milestones are put on paper when they happen. Shown here is Kristen Williams’ “Baby's First Year,” template 61001. And if you’re looking for school albums, check out Roxanne Buchholz’s “HM 5th Grade Class Album,” template 76276.

Scrap Pages
Heritage Makers Template Gallery has so many wonderful, moving and original templates to fill your post-bound albums. Search with a single word search term and the page size you’re interested in and you’ll find scrapbook pages for any occasion. Many Heritage Makers give a post-bound album for Christmas or birthdays and keep the albums updated over the year. And if you ARE designing for many folks in the same family who were at the same event, here’s a tip to make scrapbooking faster and easier. Use the same pages! Trade out the photos to show ones with that person in them, change the text a little, but keep the page essentially the same. Makes it so easy to keep track of which events have been documented for which person. Try it. You’ll like it!

Project Pages
But scrapbooking is not the only use for the versatile digital scrapbooking page. Today let’s take a quick look at the repurposed scrapbooking page.

In the home décor department, nothing could be more inviting than a 12 x 12 family name tile displayed in hall or living room. “Wings” by Kim Reynolds, 79173, celebrates the family name in a light-hearted and warm way. “Love of Family,” 80385, by Michelle Bell is a family name tile with a slightly more formal look to it. Lynda Angelastro’s “Jade Family Name Tile,” 78250, offers yet another version with an Asian feel. Customize any of these templates to any family name, change background papers to fit the décor and send to print. Spray-mount or Mod Podge printed pages on ceramic or composite vinyl floor tiles. Trim the page edges, set on a picture stand and you have a customized decorative piece that makes a wonderful family statement or a beautiful gift.

Scrap pages can also be used for interesting and unusual projects or gifts. Take a look at Darcie Toom’s creative project “A Checkered Past,” 36253, for instance. It’s a custom checkerboard from family photos. Make it for a birthday or anniversary with photos from across time, or design it with the latest year’s photos for your family to play with on family game nights. Be sure to request UV coating at checkout to give the board a little extra protection. Or check out Heidi Arave’s“12 x 12 Wipe Board Calendar,” template 43836. As practical as it is pretty, it makes a fun and functional place to record the appointments of the family’s upcoming month. Another interesting use for scrap pages is gluing them to the sides of wood to make decorative blocks. Many styles are available in the Template Gallery, from holiday count-down blocks to blocks like those shown here from Jill Means. Her “Heritage Blocks,” template 12484, is designed to dust off scanned heirloom photos (never use originals) and make them part of your home décor. The template includes full instructions for customization, cutting the blocks from 2 x 4s and gluing to the blocks.

For family fun on birthdays or other gift-giving occasions, try this template for 12 x 12 pages from Heidi Arave. It’s called “Folded Purses” and is template 56871. Write a sentiment on the inside, use them for decorations or party favors, or delete a couple, use your “import a page” function and make them just a little larger so they will hold a gift card. Our 8 x 8 scrap pages are also used for many creative projects. Lynda Angelastro designed this “Teen Zebra Clock,” template 76971, for an inexpensive gift that could easily be the hit of your child’s next birthday party. Buy an inexpensive clock from your local Target or other chain store with a front face of 6-7.75 inches. Once you have the clock’s exact face measurement, open the template and “Select All.” Resize the template to your needed measurements and customize for the birthday girl or boy. A wide variety of clock faces are available in the Template Gallery. And if you play Bunco with the girls once a month, try this template from Kari Pieratt next time you are hosting. "Bunco Party Banner," template 69428 is also made with an 8 x 8 scrap page. Its pages spell out “B-U-N-C-O” and it’s a delightful decoration for your night together.

Seasonal Projects
Scrap pages also provide wonderful ways to celebrate the holidays. Look for projects similar to these, all made from 12 x 12 pages for nearly any seasonal event. Template 54590, “Bright Easter Bucket” by Lynda Angelastro, together with a clear plastic pail from the hobby and craft store, makes two Easter Buckets from one scrap page. Templates for four 6 x 6 inch tiles are also available for most holidays. “Thanksgiving Tiles,” template 42874 by Cassie Balser is the example shown here. And countdown blocks are also available for a variety of holidays and in a range of colors to suit every décor. Check out Michelle Bell’s Christmas countdown blocks for instance. They come in a variety of colors but the set shown here is template 74047. Any holiday can have the personalized touch with Heritage Makers page templates.


Post-bound albums and pages are available for so many occasions and are a fabulous value any time of year. But, try your hand at one anytime in the month of March and your creation will be an additional 10% off your very reasonable Club HM prices. 

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