Friday, April 13, 2012

A Trio of Tips

Awesome Studio Time Savers

1. Use Trash to Save Searching
Swap something out and the replaced item goes into the trash. Click on the trashcan to open the window and you’ll see all papers, photos and elements trashed in this Studio session, including the template’s original photos. To use a new photo in one spot and the original in another without having to go back and search your photo albums, simply open the trash window and find the replaced photo. Drag it into any “drop here to swap” target. Use the same technique for papers, alphabets or embellishments.

2. COPY and PASTE Simplifies Design
Want to add a photo to the layout? Sure, you could drag up your photo from the “my photos” tab and then resize, rotate and apply all the appropriate effects to it. Or you could simply copy and paste one of the photos from the layout, position it, then lock it and swap in your photo from albums. It saves time and simplifies your efforts.

Try “Copy” and “Paste in Place” to create several interesting effects. Make the new photo in front slightly smaller, then blur the back one to make a fuzzy outer edge. On text, “Copy” and “Paste in Place” to create a thicker “bold” effect, which is handy if you’re using a font that doesn’t have a built-in “bold.” Just be sure you are completely done editing before you do this, otherwise it will get confusing with two layers of the same text box!

“Copy” and “Paste Format” is another serious time-saver in the “Paste Special” menu. Once you have the effects you want on a photo, embellishment, alphabet or text box, simply select it, click “Copy.” Then select another item that you want to have the same effects on it. Click on the “Edit” menu, “Paste Special,” and “Paste Format” to have those same effects applied instantly. You can even SHIFT-select multiple items on the page to apply desired effects automatically.

3. The “C” Page is a Free Page
Other than the back cover, the last inside page of any storybook is labeled in the Page Manager as the “C” page. That “C” stands for COPYRIGHT. We overprint a ¾-inch white stripe with the HM logo, your consultant’s website and a unique code that allows us to identify your project. Design whatever else you want to fill the other 99% of the page! And if, by chance, you find a template in the gallery that leaves it blank, fill it however you see fit. It’s yours to use.

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