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Father's Day Gifts and Greetings

Father’s Day is one of Heritage Makers most popular holidays. Dads, grandpas and husbands all deserve at least a few words of appreciation on their special day and we have the gifts and greetings that will make their day meaningful and let them know you care.

The Card That Says You Care
Give Dad a personalized greeting card for Father’s Day this year. He’ll treasure the sentiments you and the kids express even more when his card is filled with family photos. For a daddy daughter card, check out “Daughter to Dad” by Lisa Slotten. It’s a 7 x 5 greeting card, template 34431. If Dad’s a sporting man, try Lynda Angelastro’s 7 x 5 greeting card, “Dad Sport-Themed Card,” template 33942. While the card is set up for a single photo, each background paper square can be swapped for additional photos if they’re needed.

Whether Dad’s a fisherman, into playing Lego with the kids or hankering for the beach, we’ve got the cards for him. “Wanted: Tellin Fish Tales Card,” template 58125, “Fathers Day is Built for You,” template 58141 and “HM Beachy Fathers Day,” template 83823 are all 5 x 7 greeting cards by Roxanne Buchholz.

Books Full of Appreciation

“100 Reasons Why Dad is King” by Marin Barney, 7 x 5 storybook, template 86585 is a bright and beautiful gift in a clean, graphic style. Similar in content to same-size classic storybook “100 Things I Love About You, Dad” by Lynda Angelastro, template 59414; both books let Dad know how much you care, but are organized in different ways. In “100 Reasons Why Dad is King,” circular head shots let you know who in the family is paying the tribute to Dad. “100 Things I Love About You Dad” contains only one photo of Dad at the front of the book. While designed more from one child to Dad, each spread could be from a particular family member or names could be added in text after each quote.

Swatches for On-the-Go Dads

If your Dad is an on-the-go kind of guy, a swatch book might be the just right gift for him. Bound with a single “Chicago Screw” in the corner and covered with heavy-duty vinyl covers, a square swatch book is as durable as it is delightful. Check out Lori Mar’s bright and beautiful “Father's Day Swatch Book,” template 32296. With notes to thank Dad on every page, this colorful little book is sure to be a winner. And for the dad that likes to tinker in the garage, what better than Darcie Toom’s tool box themed version, “Dad's Garage Swatch,” template 59352.

Same shape but spiral-bound on the left-hand side, square flip books also make great dad gifts. Shown here is a design by Michelle Bedard. Template 86370, it’s called “My Dad's the Greatest” and of course, he is!

Other Dad StorybooksAnother beautifully designed storybook gift for Dad is "Dad in 3 Words" a 7.5 x 10 storybook, template 13141. Designer Sandra Dovre was inspired to create this meaningful book by a segment on “Good Morning America Weekends” called "Your Life in 3 Words." Viewers send in photos of themselves with a sign describing their life in three words. By its very nature fast-and-easy, this book would be treasured by any dad.

Easy Project GiftsFor the perfect gift for Dad or Grandpa, purchase an IKEA FIXA Tool Kit for $7.99. It's a surprisingly heavy duty tool set that’s wonderful to tuck in car or camper. Choose your favorite design from the two offered in the template, personalize it and delete the one you don't use. Attach your print to the box lid and you have a heartfelt, custom gift for Dad.

Another popular present for Dad at this time of the year is Lynda Angelastro’s “Dad's Junk Food Bucket.” Made from a single 12 x 12 scrap page, template 33943 was designed to be used with a “gallon” size, clear plastic “paint” pail from the craft store. Fill it with Dad’s favorite “junk food” and decorate the handle with 1 x 5 inch fabric pieces cut from Dad’s worn out shirts or discarded ties, or with string or ribbon. It’s a great gift idea for Dad that’s humorous but still shows you care enough to create something personal and appreciative.

Make It a Heartfelt Celebration This Father’s Day
Heritage Makers offers gifts and greetings for every kind of Dad. To find templates for gifts or greetings that fit your Dad’s personality, select the product you’re interested in and type “dad” in the search term field. Not sure what product you’re going to make? Leave the product type at “All” and input “Dad.” You’ll find hundreds of gifts and greetings to choose from to make your Dad’s day special this year.

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