Saturday, May 5, 2012

Uncle Sam Wants you to start an HM Business

One of the simplest advantages to the Heritage Makers consultant opportunity is the sheer fact of what we sell. Or, more importantly, what we don’t sell. We don’t sell anything that causes clutter or needs to be “spring cleaned” from your home. We sell publishing points that clients turn into cherished family keepsakes in the form of storybooks and other custom publishing products.

It’s highly unlikely that any Heritage Makers product will end up on someone’s garage or yard sale. What we sell does not go out of style, season or fashion, which means we won’t discontinue products each season for those very reasons. No “clearance” merchandise! No inventory — simply share your OWN projects as samples!

Think of the many other product-focused direct sales opportunities available. Surely you’ve been invited to parties where a consultant is selling home d├ęcor, kitchen gadgets, food products, lotions, potions, jewelry, clothes, makeup, supplements, weight-loss shakes, bags, candles, cleaning supplies, and the like. There's nothing wrong with buying and enjoying those products—they're "nice" to have. What we're talking about here is something altogether different. If heaven forbid, your house were to erupt in flames, you might be tempted to spend an extra minute grabbing your Heritage Makers storybooks. Thank goodness there's Heirloom Assurance so you don't have to! The point is, no one would consider risking their life for gourmet kitchen gadgets, not to mention the scented candles, which are probably already gone anyway. Hey, wait a that what started this fire???

Unlike all these other products, Heritage Makers publishing projects are made to last and are treasured for generations to come. Storybooks are lovingly displayed on bookshelves and coffee-tables to be read and enjoyed time and time again. You can’t say that about a garlic press, earrings, lipstick, lunchbag, vitamins, mop or candle warmer, for example.

What’s more, our publishing products appeal to almost anyone — men and women, tweens to seniors, computer-challenged to tech-savvy, Mac and PC people, and everyone who has photos, both print photographs from the past and digital pictures of today. Very few people find our products undesirable because they see the value of saving their own photos and stories in a custom keepsake.

If you’re annoyed by the “stuff” you’ve accumulated and enjoy spring-cleaning those now-unwanted possessions, you may be an ideal candidate to consider starting a Heritage Makers business. Contact me at Rebecca@OurPhotoStories to learn more about selling something everyone enjoys and that’s never resold!

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