Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make a Father's Day Gift in Moments

Looking for a meaningful Father’s Day gift you can make in moments? Heritage Makers canvases fit the bill perfectly. They’re fast and easy with often just a single photo swap and a word or two needed. “Canvas for Dad” by Felicia Forrest, 8 x 8 canvas, template 34694 is a delightful way for your child to tell his or her Dad just how loved he is. Interview your child and find out what his or her top five reasons are for loving Dad. Fill the reason out on the specially designed “Dad” canvas and you’ve helped your child make a gift to treasure. “Savannah” by Tanja Rigby is a second 8 x 8 canvas, template 29875, which invites a photo of Dad and daughter or son.

Give your hunter style Dad a special piece for his man cave. “Duck Hunting” by Sandra Dovre is a 24 x 18 canvas deep template 42791. If he has photos of his prize catch, this is the perfect project for his Father’s Day present.

And if there is a baby or toddler in the house that has Daddy wrapped around her little finger, make Roxanne Buchholz’ “Wanted: Stealin Daddy’s Heart Canvas” a 20 x 24 canvas, template 58114. Change the photo and the child’s name and you’ve got a priceless gift made in moments.

Canvas, the Quick, Quality Gift

Whenever you’re pressed for time but need an upscale gift, consider canvas. With just one or two keystrokes the typical changes needed to personalize your project, you’ll have made your gift in moments.

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