Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Be a Fabulous Photographer and a Studio Speed Diva

Ever wondered why some Heritage Makers finish their Studio projects so quickly or receive constant compliments about their photography? The fact is the fastest, most efficient and celebrated users of Studio are the ones who take their tips from professional photographers. Let’s look at the work flow of these professionals and see what tricks we can use for making our photos look fabulous while speeding up our Studio process.

Take MORE Photos

Professional photographers have always taken many more shots than the average home photographer, even when they were still using expensive film. The medium does not matter. And what professionals do with the shots AFTERWARDS is radically different and very informative. Let’s start by looking at each group’s typical picture-taking process.

Amateur: Takes a few shots of each event, waits several weeks, downloads photos from many different events to same dated file on computer, then uploads all to Studio.

Professional: Takes many more photos of a single event, downloads to computer so that event or topic is in one dated file, edits photos down to best handful and then finishes by uploading and publishing only the very best photos.
What Are the Lessons Here?

The professional takes more photos but downloads them right away so each subject ends up in its own dated file. That already sounds more efficient. And, because the professional takes so many more photos, they have plenty to choose from and can delete anything blurry, too dark, poorly focused, or that does not show an individual at his or her best. Because a professional takes more photos to start with, they don't have to hang on to the blurry one of great grandma because “It’s the only one I’ve got of her” or go searching a hard drive to find three less-than-impressive photos of an event that are all junk.

Good Photographers Are Ruthless

And we do mean ruthless. Anything that reflects poorly on the photography studio goes in the Recycle Bin immediately. “Maybes” are considered carefully and pared down, until a few “stars” remain. Star photos are the only ones used to make finished products.

Bottom Line

To be a fabulous photographer and speed up your creative processes, TAKE lots more photos, but KEEP far fewer, just like the professionals do, uploading only your very best, print-worthy images to Studio. The benefits of the “Take More/Throw More Away” approach are amazing. You will have the important photos you need. You will find your photos faster. The photos you do find will be exceptional ones. And you’ll be so much happier with your finished projects. So commit to this photography method today. You won’t just like this approach, you’ll LOVE it.
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