Thursday, February 2, 2012

Make it in Moments - 11 x 14 posters

Heritage Makers 11 x 14 posters are an amazing value at just a few dollars each and make fast and easy gifts. If you’re looking for a special Valentine gift or want to make something on-trend but fun and personal for a friend or family member, try one of these popular “subway” art style posters.

Add you and your Valentine’s name to Lynda Angelastro’s “Valentine Poster,” template 78993 and you’ve got a Valentine gift that is fast, fun and loaded with love. Frame it in white for a special touch. Often on sale at your local art and craft store, 11 x 14 is a standard frame size that’s easy to find and often very inexpensive to buy.

For a gift for family, make this similar version from Michelle Bell called “Family Rules Subway Art,” template 72831. Personalize it with your family member’s name, frame it in red, white or silver and have a beautiful gift, including frame, for under $20. Both posters are easily customized to fit your décor or for other occasions. Turn the Valentine poster into an anniversary tribute, but simply changing the background. To match Michelle’s all-in-Basic poster to your sister’s living room, use the color picker to change the plain background to any shade that matches her decor.

Easily made home décor projects strengthen relationships by surrounding your family and friends with the knowledge that you love and care about them. Make one tonight. It only takes minutes!

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