Thursday, February 2, 2012

Club Kudos - February

Visit our Club HM Facebook page and you’ll see why so many Club members visit every day and love every minute. You’ll find challenges to inspire, instruct and stretch you. You can ask for help or feedback and get tips and encouragement from other fans. You’ll see an occasional “Tip of the Day” or personal message from HM Home Office with additional tricks to make designing fast and easy. If you’ve never visited, do it today. Here’s what to watch for.

Studio Challenges

If you like a little competition and love designing in Studio, our challenges will keep you hopping. We have one nearly every day and the winners receive points as prizes. Shown above are the “Owl Always” challenge winners, where Club HM page members were asked to design any page or project from a brand new art collection called “Owl Always.” Cassie Balser’s entry is on the right. It’s a square flip book that tells a child about his or her parent’s love for them. It’s now a very welcome addition to the Template Gallery as template 79374. Rebecca Klompstra’s winning entry for the challenge was a 12 x 12 scrap page.

A later challenge encouraged page members to add a little grunge to their pages using stains, distressed frames, torn edges, paint splatters, ripped cardboard and faded text.

Jeanne Coto was the winner of this challenge and her entry is now available as template 79619, "Grunge Bathtime."

In a “Name Tile” challenge page members designed name tiles made on 12 x 12 scrap pages. As with every challenge, many of the entries, winning or not are submitted to the Template Gallery, giving us lots more templates to choose from. Shown above are two entries from that challenge entries that went on to become templates. Kim Reynolds “Wings,” template 79173 and Rebecca Klompstra’s “Life's too short to drink cheap wine,” template 79249 are both wonderful additions to the Template Gallery that came about because of a challenge.

Tip of the Day

The Club HM Facebook page keeps ticking along every weekday. Over weekends and holidays, there are still challenges, but there are also design tips and tricks posted that we call “Tip of the Day.” A recent “Tip of the Day” is outlined here and illustrated above.

Tip of the Day: When designing with circles, insert 1000 into the "ROUND CORNERS" input box instead of using the slider bar. Why? A 1,000 input will keep your circle perfectly shaped no matter how many times you change your mind about its size. If you use your slider bar, you'll need to adjust every time you change your circle's size.

Inspiration, Instruction and Community

Club HM Facebook fans love the support and inspiration that they find on the Club HM Facebook page. Questions are answered, projects are “oohed” and “aahed” over and inspiration is everywhere. If you haven’t joined our online community, do it today. We’d love to see you there.

A recent post on Club HM probably sums it up best:

“Today is National Compliment Day - so I created this to share with people like all of you. Your sharing on this page is so kind. And the support of each other is so heart-warming. What a nice place to visit each day!”
- Kimberly Keber

Thanks Kimberly, we agree.

Check out the Club HM Facebook page here.

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