Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take Along Books

If you’re looking for the ultimate go anywhere, purse- or pocket-packable memory book, be sure to check out our swatch and flip book selection. Every style has a durable see-through cover for take-along projects your family and friends will love. From kids' first ABC books to a brag book Grandma would never leave home without, these little books are must-do’s on your project list and during February, they are 10% off your already low, low Club HM prices.

Swatch Books
Our standard swatch book is an adorable 5.75 inches wide and half that deep. It’s fastened with a black, grommet-type “Chicago screw” in the top left-hand corner. Use this durable and portable product to make a Mother’s Day gift for Grandma, send the aunts and uncles a super special birth announcement, give your entire team autograph books or customize a brag book of your entire family. Here are the templates you’ll need. From top left to bottom right: “Grandma's Lil Love Bugs” by Lynda Angelastro, template 18078; “Sweet Safari Baby Girl” also by Lynda Angelastro, template 19846; “HM Football Autograph Swatch Book” by Roxanne Buchholz, template 37874 and “Simply Sweet Brag Book” by Jill Means, template 18734.

Square Swatch Books
Square swatch books are, again, fastened in the corner with a Chicago screw, just like our standard swatch but are 5.75 x 5.75 inches square—twice the size of our standard swatches, but still small enough to tuck in a purse or planner.

“Things I Love About You – Mother” by Lori Mar, template 30912 is the perfect Mother’s or Valentine’s Day gift for grandma.

“Blessed Wedding Swatch” by Darcie Toom, template 55622 is the perfect souvenir for the bridesmaids, grandma or just to have at the office to show off the highlights of the wedding. 

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a toddler girl, “Girl ABC Book” by Michelle Bell, template 31513 will fit the bill perfectly. Full of alphabet themed photos of loved ones, the book teaches her about family and her letters.

And if you’re looking for a book for a man or boy in the family “Time Capsule” by Darcie Toom, template 30546, is an adorable book full of photos of the time span you choose. It could be a year, a month or an entire decade.

Flip Books
Heritage Makers flip books are the same size as regular swatch books but have a spiral binding on the left-hand side, allowing the pages to be turned just like a book. They make perfect books for smaller hands or for packing in the corner of a purse.

Ideal for an anniversary or for Valentine’s Day, “10 Reasons I Love You” by Michelle Bell, is template 50462 and requires less than a dozen photos and you’re done.

For a very special memento of your baby’s first year, “Sweet Little Boy” also by Michelle Bell, is template 44318 and comes in a version for baby girls a well.

For a wonderful souvenir of a basketball year, make a flip book for each of your child’s team mates with Susan Kurak’s template 52334, “Basketball Memories.”

“What I Love about You” by Tanja Rigby, template 49851, would be a perfect gift for your teenager for a birthday or for Valentine’s Day.

Square Flip Books
Square flip books as you can guess by now are 5.75 x 5.75 inches and bound with a spiral binding on the left side like the smaller flip books.

One of our newest favorites at Heritage Makers is the adorable “Owl Always...” by Cassie Balser, template 79374. It’s a book from parent to child, expressing love and appreciation for that child’s individual characteristics. Perfect for a family Valentine or to mark a birthday, it’s in a crisp clean style that works for either boys or girls.

If you’re looking for a keepsake for your football player, try Roxanne Buchholz’s square flip “HM Vintage Football Flipbook,” template 78387. Beautifully designed, it would be a wonderful memento of a football season for your player, or perhaps a gift for the football coach.

This size project makes a wonderful remembrance of special days in baby’s life for Grandma or for you. That’s what “Baby Boy Flip” by Jill Means, template 47587, was designed for. This cleanly styled book showcases a baby’s blessing/naming day at church.

The last project we are recommending is also a love note to a child. “Oh, How I Love You!” by Michelle Bell, template 78388, is an adorable 20-petite page Valentine, exclaiming how much the child is loved. More likely to be treasured and preserved than a card, it’s a wonderful way to preserve photos of the child at a his or her current age while strengthening and confirming the importance of your relationship—small touches that inoculate your child against the big, wide world.

Choose a square/flip books in either size next time you want to assure your children how much they are loved, commemorate a special occasion or sports season, or gift anyone something small in size but meaningful in content. They are an inexpensive and durable gift that will see a lot of show and tell and still stand up well. Make one in February and they are especially good value at an additional 10% off your very reasonable Club HM prices.

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