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August's Featured Projects: 12 x 12 Storybooks & Flip/Swatch Books

Here at Heritage Makers, we have a wealth of storybooking options. For milestone, special occasion or end-of-year books, choose 12 x 12 storybooks with their room-to-write, spacious pages and luxury gift appeal. But for times when something purse packable is a better fit, opt for smaller swatch and flip books. Luckily for us, it’s the perfect time to try either as both products are 10% off during the month of August. Let’s start with a look at 12 x 12s.

The 12 x 12 Baby Book
To celebrate a cherished child’s first year, make him or her a precious keepsake book. "Baby Boy's 1st Year" template 62683 and "Baby Girl's 1st Year" template 62660 are both by Lynda Angelastro and tell baby’s story from birth to first birthday.

Event of a Lifetime
A 12 x 12 makes a perfect bridal book. Easily change Jill Means’ template 32431 “Love Story Wedding Album” to the wedding’s color scheme. It’s clean, contemporary and elegant and will look just as good 20 years from now as it does today. If your parents don’t have copies of each child’s wedding album, or putting them all out would weigh down the coffee table, consider template 37810 from Elisa Black. Called “Family Weddings,” this 12 x 12 storybook is a space-saving family treasure that captures the highlights of each family member’s wedding.

The Big Trip
Been on a big trip lately? Let the memories live forever by making a book about your vacation. “Disney Vacation” by Michelle Bedard, template 56352 turns the thrill of meeting Mickey Mouse into a memento to last a lifetime. And if a Yellowstone Park or wilderness adventure was the highlight of your family’s year, fill Roxanne Buchholz’s “The Great Outdoors,” template 14426,with those fantastic camping photos.

Year Books at their Very BestDocument your family’s year month-by-month with either of these two well organized and attractive yearbooks. “A Year in the Life - Family Yearbook,” template 50833, by Kelly Wolfer and “Family Annual,” template 50279, by Wendy Bailey each give you a spread for every month. Add more pages for special occasions or photo-filled events you want to commemorate.

Life Stories
When Grandpa, Mom or Aunt Alice have milestone birthdays, make them a 12 x 12 storybook to celebrate a life well lived. “Hats Off to You Grandpa Ben,” template 18428, and “Hats Off to You Aunt Alice,” template 18425, are two tributes you can give with pride to any family member.

Family Foundations
Storybooking an individual Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah shows off a small slice of family life, but creating a single storybook about several years’ worth gives a stronger sense of family traditions. We call these broader looks at how your family celebrates a given event “foundation books.” Find birthday, wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah and love story foundation books in the gallery by searching on “foundation.” Shown here are “A Butler Thanksgiving,” by Elisa Black, template 18305 and “How the Butlers Keep Christmas,” under the HM Signature Templates name, template 18310. Preserve your family’s special ways of spending time together with foundation books of your own.

Swatch and Flip Books
What’s the difference between swatch and flip books? Swatches are bound by a single corner grommet and designed to be read by first reading all front pages, then turning the book over and reading all back pages. Flip books have a double wire binding on the left side and are read page by page like any ordinary book. Both have protective clear covers front and back.

Vacation Mini BooksIf your daughter is still wearing her Mickey Mouse ears to bed, don’t fail to record memories of her Magic Kingdom visit in our “BASIC Disney Vacation ”template by Michelle Bell. The smaller square flip book format of template 58635 can be shown off at school or stowed under her pillow at night! Or record the highlights of your family’s summer in “Summer Adventures” by Michelle Bedard, template 39501. It’s also a square flip book.

Perfect Holiday Mementos
Our square swatch and flip books make perfect holiday or seasonal keepsakes. The “Fabulous Fall Flip Book” shown here by Kari Pieratt is a square flip book, template 62831, designed to show off colorful fall photos. The “Thanksgiving Blessing Book,” template 39767, by Tanja Rigby is also a square flip book, this one to record blessings declared by each family member around the Thanksgiving table.

Take Anywhere ABC BooksWhat could be more cherished by a toddler learning his or her ABCs than a book of beloved faces and places with an ABC theme? The two shown here are “Cousins ABC Flip Book” by Jill Means, template 41307 and “ABC Square Swatch” by Michelle Bell, template 28394; both square flip books.

Small Remembrances of Big Days
Perhaps you plan to make larger bound books and invitations of the wedding, baby’s naming day or other big family event. Add a smaller swatch or flip book to the mix. They’re perfect for bridesmaids or grandparents. Many, like Darcie Toom’s square swatch book “Blessed Wedding Swatch,” template 55622, are coordinated to match the other wedding pieces. “Baby Boy Flip,” template 47587 by Jill Means, is a square flip book to commemorate baby’s special day and coordinates with a matching invitation.

Sports Team Brag Books
“HM Softball Flip Book,” template 63465; and “HM Swimming Flip Book,” template 55638 are both square flip books by Roxanne Buchholz. Part of our full line of sports templates, square flip books are an inexpensive team memento available for basketball, volleyball, bowling, horseback riding, karate, football and hockey.

The Smaller Side of Flips and SwatchesWhile square flips and swatches are 5.75 x 5.75 inches, original size swatches and flips are 5.75 x 3.75 inches. This smaller size is fabulously portable and makes a purse or pocket-packable piece for an on-the-go gift. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sports Autograph Books
“HM Baseball Autograph Book,” template 38665; and “HM Basketball - Autograph Book,” template 37839 are both swatch books by Roxanne Buchholz designed for your favorite sports hero’s signature. In the smaller swatch book size, they can easily be packed in pocket or purse and work just as well for opposing team signatures.

Bitty Baby Books
“Sweet Safari Baby Girl” a swatch book, template 19846, by Lynda Angelastro is thrifty enough to use as a special birth announcement for each grandparent, as well as being a perfect brag book. “Sweet Little Boy” by Michelle Bell, template 44318, also makes an adorable show-and-tell for purse, pocket or desk.

Bag-sized Brag Books“Grandma's Lil Love Bugs” by Lynda Angelastro, swatch book, template 18078 and “Family Photos” by Julie Young, swatch book, template 25767 both have room for loads of family photos. The just-right gift for grandma or mom, each brag book has room for a few lines of journaling and photo titles.

Totable Tools
Swatch and flip books also make the perfect organizers. Check out the “2012 Crazy For You Calendar” by Sandra Dovre, flip book, template 64555. It’s a purse-sized calendar. “Birthday Reminder Book” by Lori Friars, flip book, template 61850 allows you to have that birthday list, with sizes, colors and likes close at hand when you’re shopping.

Large or Small: We Have the Template for You
Whether you’re looking for a gift or memento large or small, check out these featured products at Heritage Makers. Take advantage of your extra special savings with Club HM and publish in August when 12 x 12, flip and swatch books are an additional 10% off. We have templates for every occasion and whatever their size, these meaningful books are a sure to be hit.

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