Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tips and Tricks

Making the Perfect Circle
If making a photo into a perfect circle has always seemed a bit mysterious, follow our easy steps for creating a circle that’s not only perfect, it’s resizable!

1. To make a photo into a perfect circle, start with a perfect square. Easiest way? Pull up a paper from the paper bucket, lock it and then swap your photo in.

2. Turn your photo into a circle by going to the EFFECTS tab of the TOOLBOX and sliding the bar next to the ROUND CORNERS box all the way to the right. This works but only for this size!

3. If you’d like your circle to be resizable, or your circle ever looks slightly flat on one side, enter 1000 in the ROUND CORNERS numeric entry box and your circle will round perfectly.

4. With 1000 entered in the ROUND CORNERS numeric entry box, your circle will stay round as you increase or decrease the size.

5. Squares become circles. If you need an oval, start with a rectangular photo and use the 1000 technique. With 1000 entered you can also resize your oval over and over and it will stay the same shape.

6. The 1000 trick works with papers as well as photos.

You’ll love how easy it is to design with circles now you know the 1000 trick.

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

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