Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacations and Sports

Do you think of vacations or team sports as “extras” that you work hard to provide for your family or “essentials” that are simply a way of life? Either way it makes sense to preserve memories of such times so you have reminders that live on forever. Here area few vacation and sport-related suggestions.

Vacation Riches
Most of you see vacations as a valuable investment in family. Yes, they take time away from work. Yes, they’re something you save for months to do. But the experiences shared are priceless parts of growing together as a family. So why let the memories disappear? Document your vacation. With our template selection and your Club HM membership, it’s easy. Studio gives you a wealth of memory-keeping options: here are some of our favorites.

Popular Destinations
If you just got back from Disneyland or Yellowstone Park, you’re in luck. Many storybook designs are available in the Template Gallery for these two popular vacation destinations. We recommend “Magical Memories Vacation Book” by Kari Pieratt, an 11.5 x 8.5 storybook, template 64095 for your Disney vacation or the “Yellowstone Travel Book” by Michelle Bedard, a 12 x 12 storybook, template 64611.

All Purpose Vacation Books
Whether the vacation you want to record involves sand, surf or cityscapes, these two 8 x 8 storybook templates work for just about any topic and are easy to customize. “Vacation Album” by Pam MacPhee, template 55353, is a cleanly styled book with light touches of embellishment that would work for any vacation. “Ella's Birthday Trip“ by Michelle Bedard, template ID: 64606, features a Seattle family vacation but again is so versatile it could be used for any kind of family trip or holiday.

Vacation Activity Book
This unusual “Travel Journal” made by Brenda Kruse from an 8.5 x 11 booklet is a project you make BEFORE the vacation. Template 64396, it helps the kids find and record noteworthy things during the trip. A wonderful way to focus them on their experiences, the journal ends up being a handwritten souvenir of what impressed them along the way. Make one for each youngster in the family before your next trip.


Vacation Pages
Put the term “vacation” in the Template Gallery search engine and you’ll find hundreds of templates. While many are storybooks, there is a rich offering of 12 x 12 pages to document smaller slices of trips and travel. Shown here are “Beach Pages” by Wendy Bailey, template 40326; “First Trip to Washington DC” by JesiOstrowsky, template 52033; “Ski Trip 4-Pages” by Ann Perry, template 57459 and “Our Travels - Page 1” by Darcie Toom, template 41998. If your vacation deserves a home of its own, many travel post-bound albums are also available. Enter “travel or “vacation” in the search engine with 12 x 12 post-bound albums selected and you’ll find an entire page of family travel albums to select from.

Inspired to make your once-in-a-lifetime vacation or annual family retreat live on forever? We hope so. You’ll be so glad you did. Get started today.

Finally find her shin pads? Your turn for team treats? Being a soccer mom or parent of a team player for any sport is lots of work for everyone, not just the child. But the lessons learned, the discipline and the camaraderie are valuable experiences that build strong children. Be sure to document these hard-earned life lessons. Here are some ideas to help showcase your favorite sports hero and his or her teammates.

12 x 12 Pages for the Scrapbook
If you already keep a scrapbook for your child, be sure to include some sports pages. “Sports Day” by Michelle Bedard, template 64530, was designed for more casual sports participation at an annual school sports event. The “Girls Basketball Spread” by Kimberly Keber, template 56117, celebrates a team championship and is a must for the winner’s scrapbook.

12 x 12 Pages for Display
Some 12 x 12 pages were made to include memorabilia. “HM Swim Team Ribbons” by Roxanne Buchholz, template 63474, could easily be adapted for any sport. It has two pages designed for wall display or scrapbook. Sports ribbons attach to special spaces on the page. Also by Roxanne “HM Soccer - Scrap Page,” template 20875, is a natural for the scrapbook or for framing. Similar pages are available for football, swimming, basketball, softball, volleyball and hockey.

Sports Books
To really commemorate your child’s sports year, make him or her a storybook. Books are available for karate, hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, bowling, horseback riding, swimming, cheerleading and football. Each sport has offerings similar to the “HM Karate,” template 50003 or the “HM Cheerleading – Coach,” template 54861, shown here. They’re both 8 x 8 storybooks designed by Roxanne Buchholz.

Coordinated Collections
If you’re looking for gifts for team members or want to make a big splash in your child’s room, most of the items shown earlier have matching pieces. Enter your preferred sport in the Template Gallery’s search engine and find out what’s available. Shown here is an 11 x 14 poster “HM Hockey 11 X 14,” template 51778, and an example of our lanyard template (not shown in proportion to the poster) “HM Tennis Lanyard,” template 44075. The lanyard is made from a 5 x 7 Invitation and fits into a 3.5 x 5.5 vertical badge holder available online at many sporting goods stores on online at Both were designed by Roxanne Buchholz.

Whether it’s sports or vacations, if it’s worth your family’s time, it’s almost certainly worth revisiting later. Extend the impact and value of these activities by making the memories live on through Heritage Makers products.

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

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