Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make it in moments: Sports Trading Cards

Sports Trading Cards are a fun way to show your team pride and you can make several sets in a few moments. Here’s how.
1. Select your sport. Trading cards are available for basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and softball. Choose softball if your sport is not available. It’s the easiest to change to another sport.
2. Swap out the photo on the back of the card. A team or group photo is recommended. Personalize with team name and colors.
3. Go to PAGE MANAGE and delete all or as many duplicate cards as you can, leaving only one of each.
4. Personalize a single card front by changing to your team colors, swapping out photo for one of your team members and changing the name and player’s position.
5. Go back to PAGE MANAGE and duplicate the newly personalized card so you have four or five, depending on how many play in your team sport.

6. While you are still in
PAGE MANAGE, delete all but one each of any remaining not-yet-personalized cards.

7. Repeat STEP 4 until you have 4 or 5 of each of 10-12 different player cards.

8. Use remaining cards for coach cards or other volunteers.

9. Print 2 or 3 decks of cards as needed. Divide each deck up into 4 or 5 team sets and give sets as gifts.

10. Alternately, make several decks each featuring just three or four players, divide into single player sets and allow team members to “trade” cards with each other.

It's fun, it's fast and helps build team spirit!

Rebecca Brooks
Heritage Makers
Personal Publishing Consultant

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