Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Workshops are a wonderful way to share the creative fun of Heritage Makers!. They are a great opportunity to introduce friends and family to the many advantages of Heritage Makers products and services, and they can be an exciting way for you to earn free products and publishing points. If you’ve been a part of heritage making, then you already know about the meaningful and unique products we offer our clients. Why not get some of those products in your home for free or at great discounts? If you’ll provide a place to meet and the names of a few friends, family or coworkers, I’ll take care of everything else.

If you’re afraid you won’t have enough space or enough people for a workshop, let’s just go small and make it fun and intimate. Short on time? I can adjust the workshop to make it a little quicker to fit your busy schedule. Not sure your guests will have fun? I’ve got games to play, stories to share, and enough enthusiasm to make sure that everyone will smile. The value and originality of Heritage Makers products mean that each of your guests will find something appealing.

Here’s what you can earn as a host with qualifying guest sales:

· FREE product—publishing points to use toward any project!

· Host specials—get deep savings (up to 60% off) on special offers and exclusive items!

· Ongoing savings—enjoy an additional 10% discount on all your publishing for 90 days after your workshop!
The rewards of hosting are really great, and I'll make it easy! Email me today at and let's find the perfect time for you to host a workshop and share the Heritage Makers experience!

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