Sunday, July 8, 2012

About Club HM

Join the Club!

Club HM gives you a simple and economical way to get the most of what Heritage Makers has to offer!

You’ll love working on Studio projects all year long. With Club HM, our frequent publisher’s club, you’ll save 25-34% using discounted publishing points on your projects! You’ll also enjoy the benefits of the Club HM community, including online training, project ideas and challenges.

There are three Club HM membership levels—just choose the one that best fits your needs. The savings increase, the higher the level.

When you become a member of Club HM, you also become a member of our vibrant online community. We have our own Club HM Facebook page that features creative and inspiring ideas from other members, regular challenges and contests, helpful hints and suggestions and new friends who share your interests. 

Joining Club HM is fast and easy. Call me and let’s talk about which level of membership best suits you. You can sign up today and be publishing by tonight! Join in on the fun and become a member of Club HM today!

Go to my web site at or contact me via email at to learn more about Club HM.

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