Sunday, July 8, 2012

Family Reunions

Heading to a get-together with a couple of cousins this summer? Or perhaps you're celebrating an 80th birthday or 50th wedding anniversary? Maybe you're off to a three-day reunion with planned activities and a family history display. No matter the kind or size of the family reunion you're attending, deepen your connections by using these ideas.

Going Prepared
Get more from your reunion by taking along printed projects that show and honor your family connections. "Family Tree," by Lynda Angelasto is a great place to start! A 14 x 11 poster, template 89969, this classic style representation shows your place on the family tree in fairly simple fashion.

Or take along "Start and End with Family" project designed by Sandra Dovre, template 43867. These playing cards artfully showcase family facts and photos. Reunion attendees can learn about family while bonding over card games.

If you have access to historic, vintage family photos, consider making a book for extended family to enjoy. "HM F is for Family 8 x 8," template 81709, by Roxanne Buchholz, is an 8 x 8 story book that's perfect for this project. It's an ABC book of family quotes with room for plenty of priceless pictures. Include more contemporary photos and use Studio's sepia filter so they blend with the older style pictures.

Another way to show off the family photographic legacy is with a beautiful set of canvases like these matched pieces by Lynda Angelastro. "Vintage Memories," 18 x 18 canvas deep, template 71834, "Vintage Memories 1," 12 x 12 canvas, template 72455, and "Vintage Memories 2," 12 x 12 canvas, template 72456, would make the perfect, heartfelt gift for grandparents celebrating their anniversary, or a great-grandma presiding over a family reunion.

If your reunion is honoring a grandparent this year, check out our update of the very first Heritage Makers storybook. "The First Storybook," by Candace May and Sharon Murdoch, is an 8 x 8 storybook, template 90227, that's perfect for celebrating the life of a much loved grandparent.

Making the Memories Live On

Keep renewed relationships and reunion memories vibrant with some simple souvenirs that highlight the event. For a fun keepsake of the reunion, make a copy of Cynthia Coulon’s “Rohde Reunion,” square flip book, template 90279.

For a contemporary photo book of the event, preserve the family memories in Jill Means’ “Family Event Book,” an 8 x 8 storybook (template 41311). Its clean and totally customizable format allows you to fit the color in the book to the theme of any celebration.

Send a deck of playing cards to your siblings to help reunion live on. It’s easy with Sandra Dovre’s “Family Reunion Memories,” template 33777. Fill the deck with photos taken at the get-together, and memories will be relived each time the cards are used.
Growing a Legacy

Let your children know they are part of a larger, loving family. Take the time to go to reunions and extended family get-togethers. Bring along projects that celebrate your connections. And don’t forget the camera! Photograph everyone and everything and get the stories and their photos into projects your kids can reflect on any day of the year. It’s a legacy your children deserve. Take a little time to help it grow.

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