Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting Started

Your photos, your stories, your solution!
How many photos do you have stored on your computer and cell phone, or stashed away in the closet?
Those images tell the stories of your life, and they deserve to be celebrated and shared! Heritage Makers helps you create personalized photo keepsakes through an amazing online program called Studio.
You can use Studio to create custom storybooks, greeting cards, invitations, wrapped canvases, scrapbook pages and albums, posters, playing cards, business cards, brochures, flyers, booklets and more!

Studio Advantages
Drag & drop design ease—work from any computer.

Use pre-designed templates or start from scratch.

Access an incredible collection of 90,000 (and growing) digital art pieces encompassing every design style and searchable by keyword.

Project inspiration and help from your own Personal Publishing Consultant.

Creating personalized keepsakes in Studio is easy! Here’s how it works:

1. Get a Studio account. Simply sign up for an account and upload the photos you’d like to feature in a project.
2. Choose a template. Search the amazing collection of ready-to-use template in our template gallery. Search by keyword, project type, or general category. You can also start a blank project.

3. Customize. Enjoy unlimited customization! Place your photos wherever you’d like. Personalize text. Add your choice of embellishments. You’re sure to find just what you need in our extensive digital art library.

4. Click PUBLISH! When you’ve got your project just the way you want it, press the publish button and sit back and wait for your masterpiece to be delivered to your door.

Need help or inspiration?

While you’re waiting for your special project to arrive, get inspiration for your next Studio creation!

From your “my studio” page, click on the “Online Classes” link, and you’ll be directed to fabulous Studio tips, tricks, tutorials and classes. Here's a link to the

Click here to start a project now. 

Go to my web site at or contact me via email at to learn more about Heritage Makers products.

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