Sunday, July 8, 2012

Opportunity - Success through Sharing

It’s easy to fall in love with Heritage Makers, and when you do, it’s natural to want to share it! As a Personal Publishing Consultant, you can help others learn how to use our unique publishing system, Studio, to capture, preserve and celebrate their photos and stories.

Paychecks for your bank account. . . paychecks for your heart!
We all need a way to pay the bills, and it’s a bonus to have a career that energizes and excites you! It’s even more wonderful to represent a company that brings joy into people’s lives.
Heritage Makers has a comprehensive earnings plan to transform your meaningful hobby into a financially rewarding home-based business. The formula for success is simple:
1. Join Club HM, our frequent publisher’s club, and start creating projects your family and friends will cherish for generations.
2. Invite others to join Club HM so they can enjoy project ideas and fantastic publishing discounts.
3. Encourage clients to join your sales team so they can also experience the rewards of being a Personal Publishing Consultant.
I know you will love preserving life’s treasured moments—large and small—with Heritage Makers products. And you’ll love how fulfilling it is to help others do the same. So join me today in one of the most rewarding and enjoyable business opportunities imaginable!

Let me help you get started today!
Go to my web site at and click Join My Team to learn more or contact me via email at to learn more about the Heritage Makers business opportunity.

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