Sunday, July 8, 2012

Product of the Month—Playing Cards

The Versatile Playing CardUse playing cards in a hundred meaningful ways—they are one of Heritage Makers most versatile products! Decks of cards are great purse- or pocket-sized gifts, provide hours of customized family entertainment, build team spirit, make right-sized recipe cards or gift tags, put the finishing touches on holidays and provide countless relationship strengthening opportunities. Let’s take a peek. . .

Easy Gifts for AllLooking for a fun gift for a teen or a thoughtful present for Grandpa? Our full-photo, standard playing card deck fits the bill. Feature her BFF, his new car, Grandpa’s dog or the kids and you’ve got a present anyone will appreciate. “Your Photo Card Deck,” by Lynda Angelastro, is template 51251 and needs only one photo to complete!

Keep Loved Ones Close
Want a game to keep the kids busy this summer? Check out one of our many “Go Fish” playing card templates. If they’re missing school friends, keep their friendships fresh with Roxanne Buchholz’ template 20894 “HM Elementary School Go Fish Cards.” For kids headed to a family reunion, personalize Michelle Bell’s “Colorful Go Fish” template 56908, which, with its focus on family, helps children of all ages practice the names of extended family.

Life Learning
Lengthen a younger child’s attention span by creating one of our many matching games. Tanja Rigby’s “Dino Hunter Match,” template 49854 is one such matching game. Make it in your child’s favorite colors, add a name to the front of the card to personalize and you have a one-of-a-kind learning tool that kids will love. Or make yourself or your loved ones a set of Bible memorization verses. Again, add their names to the front, a dash of personalization inside or simply print as is.

Build a Stronger Team
Honor your child’s sporting life and strengthen the team’s connections by making trading cards. Creative Team member Roxanne Buchholz has sets for all kind of different sports. Each makes several sets of trading cards so just two or three decks can give you a souvenir of the entire team for each player in your group. The back of each card deck has a group photo, while the fronts each feature a different team member. Shown here are the back and two fronts of Roxanne’s “HM Hockey Trading Cards,” template 37873; along with the fronts of “HM Soccer Trading Cards,” 20889; “HM Basketball - Trading Cards,” 37840; and “HM Football Trading Cards,” template 19928.

Build a Stronger Circle

Bring an encouraging word to a family member, friend or co-worker with any of our love-note or random-acts-of-kindness type templates. Tuck a card from “A Word of Kindness,” template 50508, by Tanja Rigby, into a book, purse or on a keyboard to lighten anyone’s day. You’ll be glad you took the time and with an entire deck of different life-lifting sayings, you’re sure to find one that expresses your message perfectly. Build your child's self-esteem by sending positive affirmations along with their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “Lunch Box Love Notes,” template 37997, by Jennifer Stratton is one of several templates designed to let your child know you care. And to get to know each other better, make Kari Pieratt’s “Family Table Talk Cards.” They’re template 78253 and make dinner table conversations flow more freely.

Wedding Decks

If there’s a wedding in your future, you may be surprised to learn just how many templates there are to help you celebrate in style. “Natural Wedding Save the Date” is template 55494 by Sandra Dovre and just one part of a matched bridal collection. Darcie Toom’s template 83894, “Blessed Wedding Thank You Cards” are also just one template in a coordinated collection, so your thank you cards can match the rest of your wedding keepsakes.

Creative Projects All Year Round

Create custom Valentines for your children with template 47790 from Jill Means, make treat holders and decorations for Halloween with templates 39719 and 39756 from Sandra Dovre, decorate for the holidays with reindeer template 38735 from Lynda Angelastro, check out place cards for your Thanksgiving meal with Sandra Dovre’s template 39760, use tags for your neighbor Christmas gifts with another Sandra Dovre template, 46084, or hang ornaments from the tree with Lynda Angelastro’s template 64087. These home- and holiday tradition- building templates and so many more are possible any time of year with simple playing cards from Heritage Makers.
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