Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photo Management—Upgrades and Tips

Heritage Makers is excited to announce new and improved tools—designed to help you more easily navigate within your photo manager, organize your photos, and be aware of your file usage.

The photo manager update was introduced on July 24, 2012. If you want to get the nitty-gritty about ALL the photo manager updates and changes, follow this link which will direct you to a more detailed article and tutorial within the new HM Support website.

My favorite new photo management feature is the “photo details” box that opens when you double click on a photo. Here, you can easily scroll through photos in an album and see a detailed view of each one. You can add and change photo filenames and captions, see photo dimensions, file sizes, when a photo was uploaded, and best of all, photo usage!

If you click on the “show projects” button, you will see a list of any Studio projects the photo is used in. The “view” link even opens a Studio preview of the project!

Three Keys to Managing Your Photos
Your photo manager is a place where you upload, store and manage the photos you use to make wonderful custom keepsakes in Studio! To streamline, simplify and optimize your creative Studio experience, we suggest you:

1. Be selective. 2. Be prepared. 3.Stay organized.

Be selective with the photos you upload. Wonderfully, digital cameras allow us to take dozens and dozens of pictures of a single event or subject. However, you’ll want to use only your very best photos in the projects you create and publish—so select and upload the best—leave the rest. Then, when you’re working on your Studio projects, you’ll know the images in your photo manager albums are your most excellent. You won’t have to wade and search through images that you wouldn’t want to publish anyway.

Prepare photos before you upload. Your photo manager has amazing tools that allow you to categorize and organize photos and albums. However, it is not a photo editing program. So before uploading your images, we suggest using an outside photo editing software to prepare them—rotate into the proper orientation, fix red-eye, adjust lighting, exposure and color. This will ensure that your photos look their best and print beautifully in your treasured keepsake projects.

Organize the photos you upload. We all have our own ways of labeling pictures and categorizing our photo folders and albums—and often, we find we want to adapt and improve our methods. Fortunately, your photo manager tools make it easy to browse images, and arrange, rearrange and rename your folders and albums! The manager also helps you clean up and slim down your albums by showing which images are used in projects, and which are not. At a glance you can see (and resize) thumbnail images of all the photos in specific albums. With the click of a button you can view the Studio projects your photos are in. You can organize to your heart’s content—and know that the better organized your photos, the better your creative Studio experience will be!

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