Thursday, August 9, 2012

Product of the Month

This month we’re featuring one of our flagship products, the 12 x 12 storybook. It’s a definite project favorite—and for good reason! The large format offers plenty of room to highlight photographs, plenty of room to write, and has real luxury gift appeal. And this month, you can save 10% of your 12 x 12 storybook purchases, in addition to the great savings you already receive as a Club HM member!

Here, we’d like to share seven beautiful 12 x 12 storyboook templates designed to showcase family traditions and celebrations through the years. You and your family celebrate in ways that are unique to you. This may not be apparent in photos of one birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving, but over time, your traditions emerge. Creating a book about those patterns across the years preserves a record of how your loved ones live. Here at Heritage Makers, books about the way the “Butlers Celebrate Thanksgiving” or the “Prezants Keep Hanukkah” have come to be known as Foundation storybooks.

“Family Love Stories,” template 49503 designed by Lynda Angelastro, begins with these simple words, “In every family, there are many love stories. These are a few of our family’s favorites.” Think of all the wonderful family love stories you can share using this gorgeous template as your guide.

“How the Butlers Celebrate Birthdays,” template 18010 , is a fun and meaningful way to highlight birthday celebrations and traditions throughout the years. Cakes, gifts, and birthday milestones are just some of the delightful spreads in this template. This book shows all the family members that their birthdays are cause for celebration!

“How the Butlers Keep Christmas,” template
18310, is a similar book built around Christmas traditions. Wonderful holiday photos help tell the story and make it plain to see that warm family relationships are what make Christmas merry and bright!

Christine Prezant designed “A Prezant’s Hanukkah,” template 24413. This delightful book shows how her family spent the joyful season each year for the past nine years. The photos and text give a wonderful look at the growth of the family, the enduring traditions, and the obvious love they share one with another.

“A Butler Thanksgiving,” template 18305 designed by Elisa Black, is another excellent holiday traditions book. From Thanksgivings past to Thanksgivings present we see how the family enjoys their time together. Wonderful photos and stories of preparation, feasting, and relaxation are shared on each page.

“Family Weddings,” template 37810 designed by Elisa Black, is an elegant collection of family wedding stories and photographs. The turn of each page reveals a different couple’s love story along with beautiful images. The design of this book is absolutely stunning, and the stories are true family keepsakes.

“Our Family Vacations,” template 91377 designed by Elisa Black, features favorite family vacation photos and stories throughout the years. What a wonderful way to relive the fun!

How does your family celebrate? Whom do you love? Where do you travel? Keep your favorite memories alive with Foundation books for you and your loved ones to enjoy again and again. We recommend you finish one or two of these easy-to-make storybooks each year to build a meaningful library and share beautifully captured moments as you turn the pages of your life.

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