Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sports Trading Cards

Whatever the sport, create custom team trading cards that make your athlete look and feel like a pro! Trading cards are wonderful coach gifts and fun souvenirs for teammates to share. Each deck contains 54 cards and comes in a durable plastic storage case.

If you start with one of our fabulous templates, trading cards are a project you can make in just moments!

Customize the front of the cards with your team photo, name and season. Customize the back of each card with an individual player’s photo and other stats. It’s that easy. Use these fabulous templates designed by Roxanne Buchholz, and you’ll be on your way to scoring big with a project that’s something to cheer about!

HM Softball Trading Cards, template 37853 HM Football Trading Cards, template 19928
HM Soccer Trading Cards, template 20889 HM Basketball Trading Cards, template 37840

HM Hockey Trading Cards, template 37873

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