Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sports Highlights

Sports are a valuable part of the growing-up process for many children and create a wide variety of positive experiences and memories. From team sports like baseball to individual sports like horseback riding—sports build strong children.
Sports also build strong families as they practice together, cheer each other on and support one another through victory and defeat.
To keep all the fun sports memories vibrant, here are some ideas to help you showcase your favorite family sports heroes and their teams.

PostersMake your children the stars of their very own sports posters! These 11 x 14 posters by Roxanne Buchholz are just some of the great templates available to make this esteem-building project quick and easy. Basketball, template 51780. Baseball, template 45513. Horseback Riding, template 50010
Award Certificates
Recognize sportsmanship and achievement with custom certificates like these by Roxanne Buchholz. Certificate templates are also available for Tennis, Karate, Soccer, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Cheerleading! Volleyball Award Certificate, template
63498. Swim Award Certificate, template 63497. Softball Award Certificate, template 63495.

BooksA wonderful way to commemorate sports participation is with photo-filled books like these square flipbooks designed by Roxanne Buchholz. Football Square Flipbook 41361, Cheerleading Square Flipbook 53933, Softball Flipbook 63465, Tennis Square Flipbook 44072, Karate Square Flipbook 50004, Swimming Flipbook 55638, Soccer Square Flipbook 41321, Horseback Riding Square Flipbook 50009, Bowling Square Flipbook 50031

These same sports templates (and more) are also available as 8 x 8 storybooks.

Team Trading Cards
A quick, easy and fun piece of sports memorabilia to create and share are team trading cards. Check out this month’s Make it in Moments article to learn how!

Coordinated Collections
If you’re looking for gifts for team members or want to make a collection of memorabilia, most of the templates shown earlier have matching pieces. Enter your preferred sport in the Template Gallery search engine and find out what’s available. Coordinating books, posters, scrap pages, calendars, lanyards and more await your personal touch.
Make the Memories Live
"Replay" all the winning moments and highlights of your sports heroes, big and small, with Heritage Makers products—make the fun memories live on!

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