Thursday, August 9, 2012

Club Kudos

A Summer of Inspiration and Connection

Connect with our creative community by joining us on the Club HM Facebook page. Daily challenges, shout-outs and suggestions for improving our creations help all of us get the most from our Club HM membership. Here’s a little sample of our summer-themed challenges.

Beach Challenge
Colleen Ballantine was a winner in our Beach Challenge with her double, 12 x 12 scrap page entry on a look back at childhood in Atlantic City. It’s in the Template Gallery as template 90702, "Beach Challenge." Cassie Balser took the same theme in a more philosophical direction with her winning entry on an 8 x 8 canvas. Each a unique take on the subject, they are typical of the varied inspiration and execution found daily on Club HM.

Sports Themed Challenges
Challenges on the Club HM page often show off sports and their participants. In a recent “Sporting Event Challenge,” inspiration was to be had from many entries, winners or not, that were a wonderful source of ideas and design approaches. Kim Matura was a winning entry with her canvas showing off her triplets. But Andrea Van Steenkist‘s entry simply caught our eye as did Jesi Ostrowsky’s “Baseball Poster.”

Summer Inspiration
A recent “Slice of Summer” challenge asked Club HM members to “Show us a meaningful moment from your summer vacation, picnic, sports event, garden growing or other summer daily activity. Tara Jones created a 12 x 12 scrap page called “Slice of Summer,” template 91256 and was one of our winners. The other was Colleen Ballantine, who created a card thanking family for their summer visit.

Studio Savvy
Challenges at the beginning of each month are often focused on how best to use new art collections. One of our recent challenges was to use the sunshine and color-packed “Sweet Caroline” collection. Sherita Jarrell made a heart-touching 7 x 5 greeting card, while Val Parrish and Floyce Mord (template 91722) designed 12 x 12 pages. While not all winners submit their projects to the Template Gallery, their entries are a constant source of creative inspiration to us all.
Supporting and Sharing
If you’re looking for a creative home where you can show off a little and learn a lot, become a member of the Club HM page. We promise to answer questions promptly, give you guidance and encouragement to keep you creating and provide lots of challenges to help you sharpen your skills. Check us out today!

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